A CRADLEY Heath school believes it is the first in the country to broadcast its open day live around the world using a video internet tool called Periscope.

Children due to start secondary school in September 2016 and their parents were invited to visit Ormiston Forge Academy to gain a taste of life at the school, which has 1,300 students, aged 11 to 18.

And, for those unable to attend - or just interested in life at a British school - a 30 minute live broadcast was made from the academy using Periscope, described as a "live video streaming platform".

The recording was transmitted live to Periscope and Twitter followers - and anyone watching could comment and ask questions, which showed up on screen during the broadcast so that answers can be given quickly.

Viewers on Periscope were able to watch activities including science experiments, viewing paintings, seeing the food technology department cook for the modern foreign language cafe, interacting with the geography and history departments and meeting the principal, Andrew Burns.

Around 100 people watched the broadcast live around the world.

Mr Burns said: "We are getting a reputation for breaking new ground and being able to speak to a global audience about our academy and our British values is something we are very proud of."I believe that we are the first school in the country to broadcast an open event live and I have no doubt that many more will follow us."

Director of marketing, Kris Griffin, who organised the broadcast, said: "Forge has a global reach.

"We regularly host students from the US and have many enquiries from students in Europe.

"To be able to share our successes and the values of the Forge family to such a wide audience is very humbling."

The academy is throwing open its doors again to prospective students and their parents at the final open event tomorrow (Saturday September 26) from 9am until 12noon.

"Turn up or tune in," said Mr Griffin.