A DR Who star has helped out a Cradley Heath school by providing the voice-over for a film about their Welsh mountain centre.

Nicholas Briggs, who plays the voice of the Daleks, Cybermen and other characters in the BBC TV series donated Ormiston Forge Academy his vocal talents.

The film, which will be shown online only, showcases the Forge Mountain Centre the school offers its students and any group who wishes to book it.

The school’s marketing, Kris Griffin, said: "Nick has been a friend to Forge for a few years now and we're incredibly grateful for his time and support of our literacy projects.

“When we called him and asked him to do this for us, he was delightful and agreed immediately."

Mr Briggs released a BBC fiction book in 2013 called The Dalek Generation and visited Forge to discuss the book with students.

The centre, in the Dovey Valley, has recently been refurbished and has capacity for up to 30 students and six members of staff.

Activities offered include camping, horse riding, canoeing, caving, rock climbing, abseiling and mountain biking. The centre is available for outside hire.

Mr Briggs added: "I'm a keen advocate of outdoor education and this centre gives young people an excellent opportunity to breath the fresh Welsh air and take part in some very exciting activities."