I am seriously concerned at the attitude of staff at Halesowen library to elderly and disabled people.

I recently had need of help from them as my printer has conked out and the library equipment is not familiar to me. To be professional and to let them know I would be calling in for help that morning I telephoned the library to explain what my my needs were. To be fair, the lady who answered the phone did tell me they might not be able to do much for me on a Monday but as my needs were urgent and I only needed some quick tips on printing a selection of pages for a document I thought that they would be able to spare just five minutes. I was wrong.

One member of staff declined to help me because in half an hour she was working with children in a library playgroup. I went upstairs to ask one on the management but as she was on the telephone, I left a message with her colleague and went to the computer I had booked and waited for about 10 minutes, then went back to the counter to be told that “she has gone upstairs because she is very busy.” Too bust to spare five minutes to help an elderly, disabled person?

David Howells

Crimmond Rise,