ROMSLEY villagers who rely on public transport will soon be cut off after First Worcestershire buses announced it is axing the 147 route.

The bus, which used to run from Halesowen to Worcester through Hunnington, Romsley and Bromsgrove, will stop on April 10.

Romsley Parish Council chairman Richard Arrowsmith is furious about the axing of the 147.

He said: "Buses are an important part of Romsley’s infrastructure and are heavily relied upon by many of our parishioners including the elderly, disabled, children and teenagers using them to get to the nearest town to then catch another bus to college.

"Cutting this critical lifeline will mean many of these vulnerable bus users will be unable to get into the local town, attend hospital or doctors’ appointments and just general socialisation.

"They will be completely cut off from access the local town as we have no other form of public transport."

Mr Arrowsmith complained to Sarah Evans, transport and community allocations officer, Worcestershire County Council about the council not being consulted about the move.

In a letter to her, he wrote: "Romsley has an elected parish council consisting of seven councillors and one county councillor.

"One wonders in this age of local democracy and open transparency how neither party were consulted or even notified officially of this decision massive decision to cut our only bus service.

He added: "Sadly we were made to look like fools by being told by bus users of which I informed them it was just idle gossip."

First Worcestershire buses admitted the axing of several services across the county will not be popular.

Sarah East, general manager for First Worcester, said: "We realise that some of the changes that are being introduced, especially where there are reductions in services, will not be popular with the few people that use them, but, we need to concentrate our resources in areas where there is a high demand for a bus service to attain sustainability and develop growth opportunities”.

"There is very little funding available today to support services that are used by just a handful of people and so unfortunately we have to make difficult decisions in the future of these services."

Romsley Parish Council has launched a petition to save the 147, for more information visit or