A DODGY Cradley car dealer has been told some of the motors he sold were so dangerous they could have killed a child.

Mohammed Khabeer’s company, Lyde Green Motor Centre, sold cars riddled with faults including one that could have blown up.

At Wolverhampton Crown Court, Recorder Barry Berlin told 30-year-old Khabeer he must have known the vehicles were in an extremely dangerous state.

The Recorder said: "You put them on the road, they were dangerous cars and they could have killed a child."

The court heard about the state of cars sold by the company, including a BMW flogged for £12,800 which had numerous faults with the brakes and seatbelts.

The headlights did not work properly, the electrics were faulty and warning lights appeared on the dashboard as soon as the vehicle was started.

A Saab bought from the dealership was found to have a badly corroded suspension and problems with the exhaust meant carbon monoxide fumes could have got into the passenger well.

The battery on the vehicle, which was sold for £1,900 with a warranty that turned out to be useless, was insecure which meant there was a potential for explosion.

The buyers of the two cars became aware immediately of the faults but they were given the runaround by the firm as they tried to get their money back.

Khabeer, of Madison Avenue, Hodgehill, Birmingham, admitted six charges relating to unfair trading and was jailed for a year, his firm which was no longer trading was further fined £21,000.

The Recorder told him: "Two cars were both dangerous and unroadworthy .You or your company should have known about it and you sold them to make a profit.

"I do not accept that you lack responsibility for what occurred in relation to these two vehicles. The cars were in an appalling state and the people who bought them were treated in an appalling way."

Sunit Sandhu for Khabeer, who had previously served a jail term for clocking the mileages, said the vehicles had been bought by the company with an MOT and many vehicles had been sold without complaint.