My mother, Mary Andrews has been a resident at Woodview since September 2014 and I am shocked and dismayed at the findings of the recent Care Quality Commission Report and quite frankly I am outraged at the manner in which those findings have been portrayed in your publications, seemly without any attempt to reach the truth of the situation or to establish the context of the concerns raised.

Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers in September 2009 and whilst we were able to provide care for her, so she could stay in her own home during the early stages of the disease, in 2013, we had to make the extremely difficult decision to move her into full time residental care. Whilst the staff at her first and second homes were great, they were not fully qualified to deal with someone with Moms condition. Alzheimers is not simply about becoming more and more forgetful, it fundamentally changes who the person you love is. They can become violent, abusive, depressed, loud and stubborn without warning or provocation and care staff need to be able to deal with this, all whilst maintaining a level of calm, patience and tolerance that few of us can manage when caring for our own loved ones, let alone a complete stranger, not to mention the fact that they do all of this, working long hours for very little pay.

During her time at those homes, Mom was taken to Russells Hall Hospital on a number of occasions. After several bouts of ill health, linked directly to falls, poor nutrition and poor personal hygiene (all of which were attributable to lack of basic care), she was eventually committed under the Mental Health Act. She spent 6 months in Bushey Fields Hospital and whilst the staff there were more able to cope with her behaviour, Mom was severely distressed and frustrated, she cried constantly, and this was extremely upsetting for me and my family to see her like that. Eventually, in 2014, a place was secured for her at Woodview House, this home is for end stage dementia patients, the staff specialist in this care. I can honestly say that the transformation was incredible. On her first day there, we visited Mom and was delighted. She was calmer, and had stopped crying. She slept better, ate properly and her general health improved significantly. The staff at Woodview are without doubt its best asset. I have never met so many genuinely, warm, caring and diligent individuals. They tend to the residents with patience and understanding and deal with any situation with calm professionalism. There is a warm, comfortable atmosphere at the home and I am sure that this contributed to the improvement I saw in Mom. Knowing that the staff at Woodview are so good at what they do gives me and the families of all of the other residents that I have spoken to, peace of mind.

To put the findings of the CQCs report into context, please bear in mind that the staff at Woodview are dealing 24/7 with residents in the late/final stages of Alzheimers and dementia. Many cannot feed, wash, walk, talk or dress themselves and are double incontinent. They have very little to no comprehension of the world around them. The staff treat these people with dignity and respect at all times.

There is a very real danger that the home and its staff will now be forced to focus on correcting the "issues" raised in the report and lose sight of the important things. I have spoken to them and it is obvious that they are demoralized and humiliated. Does the press or the CQC believe that to be a "Good result"?

Do you believe that this will benefit the residents or their families?

Jo Towler