A 20mph limit outside a school sounds like a good idea but this one is ridiculous and shows lack of common sense.

The school is open for less than 40 weeks a year. The Manor Lane entrance is used for half an hour morning and afternoon. We are expected to drive at 20mph along a main road for the other 8,560 hours.

At school times the road is so congested that 20mph is rarely possible. Why can’t we have 20mph when lights are flashing?

Other authorities use this method so why not Dudley?

People don’t mind complying with a law which is reasonable.

There is pressure to do something about speeding outside Howley Grange school. The same applies, 20mph when lights are flashing would be effective and acceptable. There is a speeding issue along the length of Howley Grange Road and enforcement of the 30mph limit is long overdue.

T Pritchard Halesowen.