YET another propaganda leaflet has arrived, this time from the “Britain Stronger in Europe” (BSE) campaign.

Just like the government one earlier it is packed with easily disproved lies and highly questionable opinions dressed up as “truth”! Here are just a few examples. “The EU is good for families” it claims, because it makes things cheaper.

Forget the fact that virtually everything went up by 15 or more per cent when we joined the EU due to VAT and that outside the EU, and only outside, can we remove VAT from many things, or reduce it on others in ways the EU won’t permit. Outside the EU prices of many things will come down.

“Good for workers”! That “3 million jobs” claim again.

Discredited, even by the man who first calculated the figure and now admits he was totally wrong over it.

“Good for small businesses who are free to trade across the EU”, it claims. Perhaps that’s why most town centres have a dozen shops empty? Or more likely it’s because of excessive EU regulations, over 3,580 passed between 2010 and 2013 alone, and extortionate business rates.

“Good for young people giving them the freedom to travel and work in Europe”. They have always had these freedoms and opportunities, we do not need to be in the EU to have them.

“Good for women”, but “women’s rights” would have been granted without EU interference.

“Good for pensioners, allowing them to travel and live abroad”, just as they have since 1851. Can the “BSE” not find a single truth to support its case?

David Powell Cradley