Dear Editor,

Eddie Izzard is quite right to encourage young people to register to vote in the forthcoming EU referendum.

The issue at stake will affect their lives for many years and they should have their say.

However it is equally important that they are aware of both the pros and cons for leaving or remaining and I am very concerned that many have already been brainwashed by pro-EU propaganda.

EU institutions spend more than £2 billion a year on “communications” much of which is aimed at school children and students. And various British universities, including the University of Wolverhampton, benefit from lavish EU funding and consequently are pushing their under-graduates to vote to remain.

Even Eddie Izzard admits the EU is difficult and too bureaucratic. Unfortunately, he misunderstands the nature of the beast and his belief that we should work to change it is pie in the sky. As he will discover to his cost if his view holds sway.

Yours faithfully James Carver, West Midlands UKIP MEP