After a day of flight delays the Southern welcome of the Dunhill Hotel, Charlotte, was a relief.

From the syrupy accent to that feeling every member of staff, from the doorman to the manager, would cater for every whim, the feeling of being in the South is always wonderful.

The Dunhill Hotel has class written all over it, built in 1929 in the heart of The Queen City the clean lines and grandeur of that time still ooze through its walls.

We stayed in a Vintage Queen room which had all the amenities the modern traveller wants and needs but had an old world feel which made the stay all the more special.

The plaque outside proudly states The Dunhill Hotel is a Historic Hotel of America and my thoughts turned to all the historic moments the hotel must have witnessed in the last 90 years.

The ten story hotel is a nice size too, we bumped into the same guests several times and had some fascinating conversations with them, which after all is what traveling is all about.

The hotel is one of Charlotte’s few remaining historic landmarks and has the largest collection of original works by North Carolina artist Philip Moose, which were always worth a look.

The hotel's restaurant, The Asbury, opened in 2014 as one of the first chef-driven new southern outlets in Charlotte and executive chef Matthew Krenz really knows how to bring the best out of North Carolina's local ingredients.

The tight menu boasted fois gras, cornbread kush and Brussells sprouts, a North Carolina specialty and nothing like the mushy mess that is usually served in the UK.

I had the fois gras to start and the delicate flavours made perfect sense and every mouthful was a delight.

Then I went for the beer braised pork cheeks, whipped potatoes, seared Brussells sprouts with pecans, golden raisins, Asian greens, apple and fennel.

The serving was huge and the pork cheeks were fantastically full flavoured with the rest of the ingredients combining to create a wonderfully American treat.

My friend had the butter poached shrimp and smoked cheddar grits which he polished off without lifting his head to talk, so it must have been good. The complimentary breakfast at The Dunhill was also a great way to start the day whilst reading the free local and national papers. Due to the South being cheaper than places like New York you get a lot more for your buck and The Dunhill Hotel is an example of that.

As I bade farewell to the staff on my departure I knew that I'd been revitalized after a few days in The Dunhill and promised to return.

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