Like many others, apart from the cutting councillors, I am totally opposed to the closure of all of the leisure centres in the Dudley Borough.

The Labour Council should be ashamed for even proposing it.

Ashamed? The Tories have not even heard of that particular emotion, but with Labour they once actually fought to help people.

I guess that was a long, long time ago and this is the new Labour in Dudley and can't we hear it when Councillor Khurshid Ahmed upon his proposals to axe three leisure centres and open two says that these are "exciting proposals."

I do not know Cllr Ahmed, but if this is his idea of excitement we have a differing view.

Now, what would be exciting would be to keep open our three leisure centres and build two to replace the others which have been closed at Brierley Hill and Coseley!

I decided to sign a petition against closure and into my search engine on the computer I typed in : "Save Our Leisure Centres."

I did not expect it to come up with campaigns to Save Our Leisure Centres in Chesterfield, Durham, Southampton, Falmouth, Stocksbridge, Manchester, Sherborn, Gateshead to name but some! There you go these are the Tory Government cuts and carried out by its willing poodles - Labour Councils.

I wonder if their councils have also trotted out tired, worn out excuses to justify their intended cuts?

The question that always comes to mind is: When will one decent council stand up and say we can not do this to people and just say "No! We believe we were elected to help people and not make things worse for them?"

Then we, the public, might have more respect for politicians.

Your sincerely, Chaz Stoll Halesowen