I should have got into Philadelphia's Loews Hotel at 6pm, writes Steve Zacharanda.

I wearily wandered in at 11pm after a day of planes, trains and automobiles, none of which got me where I was meant to be going on time.

And the final leg, an Uber from Trenton to Philly might be just the scariest ride of my life, and I've had a few. I only found out later it was one of America's blackest travel days with planes catching fire on runways and trains crashing into one another.

So the welcome I received at the Loews was just what this knackered traveller needed. At reception there seemed to be about five staff for one guest, and what is better they had unlimited local chocolates on the desk.

After a few pints around Philadelphia on the first night it became obvious the Loews is perfect for a traveller with no sense of direction. The hotel is in America's first skyscraper and is never far from view wherever you are in the city. Built in 1932 the majestic building, which must have been a revelation to 1930s townsfolk who would have marvelled how it stretches into the sky, still has a neon PSFS emblazoned on it.

The Philadelphia Savings Fund Society was the first savings bank in the United States, and in 1929, commissioned the construction of a 30-plus floor, 491-foot skyscraper which would be built using the very latest technology and materials.

The lobby still has that grandeur of a bygone age, from floor to ceiling it is marble, and not just one type of marble but different colours, there are signs explaining its origin too. Loews is one of America's top hotel brands, and thankfully they have lovingly restored the building creating a 581 room hotel with 12 suites and 54 club rooms, including three ballrooms.

This means the hotel really felt alive throughout the weekend, whether it be the barefoot bride in the elevator on the Saturday morning or the suited and booted gentleman joking around at their 1973 school year reunion, there always seemed to be something going on.

And as someone who suffers with chronic jetlag, I was up at 5am each day, there was plenty to do in the hours before the hotel sprang to life. I could not help but gaze at the giant wall of televisions in the sports bar or chilling in the fitness and spa centre or the pool.

The hotel's Bank and Bourbon restaurant serves traditional American fare with a modern twist and had a great atmosphere too.

Our rooms had two double beds and a television as big as an any eyes could need, as well as all the other mod-cons the modern traveller wants. However, it's best feature was the window, what a view.

Halesowen News:

Seeing the sun come up as Philadelphia woke up was mesmerising. As the hazy dawn made way for a crisp Autumn morning the vista of Philly stretching out into Delaware was a sight to behold.

And then with one superfast elevator ride we were on ground level and saying goodbye to the receptionists, bell boys and doormen who over three days had become our buddies.

The Loews Philadelphia is one of those hotels where you say "see you again" to the staff and actually mean it. - Stay at the Loews Philadelphia from $169 per room per night next spring.

For further information, please visit www.loewshotels.com.