THE Lord Baltimore Hotel has that old fashioned style and grandeur from another world.

The hotel, named after the Irish Lord the city gets its name from, is a hotel downtown which was restored to its former 1920s glory a few years ago.

The lobby is a testament to the ambition of those who built it all those years ago as are the ballrooms which have hosted some of the most important functions in the city's history.

When I got there, four hours late due to a bus and rail drivers strike in Philadelphia (only 45 minutes away) I was shattered and missing my reservation paperwork but the welcome I got from the staff put me almost as at ease than the guy playing piano in the lobby.

The staff were all great fun, always with a joke, smile and a helping hand for a hapless traveller.

The following night Mary J Blige was performing at the arena over-the-road and the hotel had a real buzz about it.

The bars were full of all kinds of people, all were happy to share a joke and a laugh.

Well except narky lot who had got talking about politics at the bar which ended up in a row.

However, the reaction of the rest of the clientele and staff was priceless, people were there for fun, and arguing about Trump is no fun even for those not involved.

The Lord Baltimore has great places to eat as well, the French Kitchen being the pick of the lot.

Located at the top of the lobby’s grand staircase in the historic mirrored Versailles Room, this elegant restaurant focuses on market-driven interpretations of classic French bistro fare.

Halesowen News:

French Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as weekend brunch and special holiday meals.

The French Kitchen prides itself on dishes like Pork Belly with Apple-Jicama Slaw; Coq Au Vin- braised chicken, parisian mushrooms, and marble potato. And the breakfast served hits the spot too.

There is also a rooftop bar at The Lord Baltimore which, when the weather holds out, has a DJ spinning the tunes.

There are 440 guest rooms and suites all done out by interior designer Scott Sander, and I loved the many nods to history throughout the hotel.

The photos of Baltimore singer Billie Holiday on the walls were fascinating, what I would have given to stepped back in time to heard her in her glory at the Lord Baltimore all those years ago.

As it was I had a great time in the present day at the Lord Baltimore.

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