If you haven’t noticed it is British Pie Week.

And no-one loves a pie like us Brits.

To celebrate British Pie Week (March 6-13), Charlie Bigham's is taking people to pie heaven, showing off five delicious pies, from traditional pastry to non-pastry classics.

A Charlie Bigham spokesman said: “A staple of this country's cuisine, the pie is a dish to be championed and what better way to celebrate British Pie Week than with one of Charlie Bigham's range for every day this week?

“Charlie Bigham's pies, made from fresh ingredients, offer a rich and delicious combination of fresh vegetables and succulent meat and are the perfect partners for Pie Week.

“Whether it's an irresistible Chicken and Mushroom Pie, the award-winning Fish Pie or the comforting Cottage Pie - these luxury pies for two are a great excuse for sharing with a loved one on a pie night in.”

Charlie Bigham's was founded in 1996 by entrepreneur and food lover Charlie Bigham. The brand is now one of fastest growing in the market, with delicious dishes stocked in Waitrose, Sainbury's, Tesco, Booths, Budgens and Ocado (online) stores nationwide. For more information, please visit http://www.bighams.com/.