A WITNESS has told of the horrifying moment a man was fatally stabbed with a large military knife on a Saturday afternoon in Brierley Hill High Street.

Mansoor Mahmood was seen "crying and screaming" in pain after being attacked with the weapon - Mohammed Ismail told the jury at Birmingham Crown Court as the murder trial of Niron Parker-Lee continued.

Moments earlier he had seen two men arguing, shouting and punching, he told the court from behind a screen surrounding the witness box as he was quizzed by Christopher Millington QC, prosecuting.

He told how he had seen Parker-Lee – who denies the murder charge - produce a knife from a rucksack he was carrying and he said: "It wasn't a domestic knife. It was something that could be used in the military - you see them on the TV."

Sitting in a car as the drama began, Mr Ismail told the court he felt "scared" watching the altercation.

He said he saw Parker-Lee swing at 24-year-old father-of-two Mr Mahmood three times - the first blow missed but the second and third "penetrated" his body.

He told how Mr Mahmood was seen "bleeding heavily, very heavily" as he as he made his way, wounded into the Dixi Chicken restaurant.

Three other witnesses also said they saw the violent incident unfold on October 15, 2016 as they stood outside the Red Lion pub - and they saw Parker-Lee, aged 20, of Blewitt Street, Pensnett, flee in the direction of Brierley Hill flats.

In a statement read out to the jury - Mohammed Punjabi, owner of the Dixi Chicken takeaway, told how a man he recognised as a regular customer came into the eatery, saying 'call the police' before he collapsed on the floor.

He said: "I could see blood on his clothes and the man was still trying to talk but I couldn't understand what he was trying to say."

Paramedic Stuart Corbett arrived, in what seemed like seconds, at 4.47pm to find Mr Mahmood, of Bague Walk, Brierley Hill, lying on the floor "covered in blood".

In a statement he said he noticed a "trail of bloody footprints leading into the shop to where he lay" and a small screwdriver was found tucked into the belt loops of Mr Mahmood's jeans - the court was told.

The injured man was rushed to Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital and despite efforts to save his life he was pronounced dead at 6.53pm.

Courtenay Griffiths QC, defending, told the court while questioning the witnesses that Mr Mahmood was the one who appeared to be acting more aggressively during the confrontation while Parker-Lee, who claims he acted in self-defence, had seemed "quite calm".

He is expected to outline his case in full tomorrow (Friday).

The trial continues.