FANS of the cult children's TV show Knightmare will be taking a trip down memory lane this week.

Knightmare Live is coming to Brierley Hill Civic Hall tomorrow (Thursday, March 8) and hundreds of fans have already snapped up tickets.

The TV show saw teams of four children attempt to beat the devilish traps of a virtual reality dungeon, including goblins, giant spiders and talking walls.

One of the four would be the dungeoneer, blinded by wearing the infamous helmet of justice, and they would be guided by their teammates with the help of dungeon master Treguard, played by Hugo Myatt.

The idea to create a live version of the show came nearly 20 years after it left the small screen.

Paul Flannery, who created the live show and now plays Treguard, said: “Like most of life’s good ideas, I was in a pub when Knightmare Live drew first breath.

“It came about as a result of a simple conversation about what would make a good Edinburgh show. Funhouse, The Crystal Maze and Art Attack were all mooted before Knightmare.

"After that night, I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

“I could see Knightmare working, the mechanics leant themselves to the stage far better than any of the others."

Paul and his team took the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time in 2013 – and it sold out for the whole run.

It has continued to receive critical acclaim ever since, with annual Edinburgh runs and the show also becoming a regular part of the Underbelly Festival on the Southbank of London.

“The show's current format is far more improvised than it has been in the past,” Paul said.

“In Brierley Hill you can expect to be asked to name the quest the dungeoneer is going on. We'll be taking quest items from the audience at the start too, these are unusual items people have brought with them to 'help' with the quest.

“Also a few lucky people will get to wear the iconic helmet of Justice and partake in the quest. No telling how long they will last of course, Lord Fear has set many traps!"

Tickets for Knightmare Live cost £10 and there are still a few available.

The show is said to be suitable for children, who are welcome, although parents are warned there may be some mild swearing due to the improvised nature of the show.

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