THE Green Party is set to field 15 candidates in Sandwell’s local elections on May 3, with the group hoping to ‘break Labour’s stranglehold’ on the council.

With UKIP offering up a single candidate and two representatives being nominated from the Liberal Democrats, the Greens are now the third largest political party in the borough behind the Conservatives.

Labour currently holds 67 out of 72 seats on Sandwell Council, with four out of the five independent councillors being candidates from the red party when they were elected.

There are 26 seats on the council up for election this year, with the successful candidate in each ward serving for the next four years.

John Macefield, Sandwell Green Party coordinator and candidate for Bristnall, said: “After the recent controversies surrounding the Labour-dominated council it is more important than ever to hold them to account.

“Councils like Sandwell which are dominated by a single party lack proper scrutiny and provide poor value for money.

“Putting a Green on Sandwell Council means important issues will be discussed, such as climate change, quality of life, social equality and combating the damage pollution causes to our children's health.

“The Green Party will strive to prevent bad decisions being made.”

The candidates across the Rowley Regis wards have been confirmed as:

Blackheath: Bob Dunn; Conservative, Danny Millard; Labour and Aldo Mussi: Green.

Cradley Heath and Old Hill: Paul Connor; Green, Robert Johns; Liberal Democrats, Balhar Singh; Conservative and Julie Webb; Labour.

Rowley: Susan O’Dell; Green, Stapal Singh; Conservative, and Christopher Tranter; Labour.

In the Oldbury wards, the candidates are:

Bristnall: Shirely Ching; Conservative, John Macefield; Green and Rajbir Singh; Labour.

Langley: Bill Gavan; Labour, Stephen Gilbert; Conservative and Robert Taberner; Green.

Old Warley: Bryan Manley-Green; Liberal Democrats, John McHard; Conservative and Steve Trow; Labour.

Oldbury: Mushtaq Hussain; Labour, Keith Vaughan; Conservative and Jody Waugh; Green.

Tividale: Sandra Hevican; Labour, John Stockall; Conservative and Keir Williams; Green.

While candidates in the other Sandwell wards include:

Abbey: Michael Allen; Green, Richard Kemp; Conservative, and Bob Piper; Labour.

Charlemont with Grove Vale: Sam Harding; For Britain Movement, Graham Nock; UKIP, Sue Phillips; Labour and Lee Fredrick; Conservative.

Friar Park: Simon Hackett; Labour, Keith Lawley; Conservative and Colin Rankine; Yeshua.

Great Barr with Yew Tree: David Fisher; Independent, Darryl Magher; For Britain Movement, Steve Melia; Labour, Suki Nandra; Conservative and Daniela Waugh Hroncova; Green.

Great Bridge: Stuart Bate; Conservative and Joanne Hadley; Labour.

Greets Green and Lyng (two councillors being elected): Elizabeth Brown; Conservative, Frederic Lacroix; Green, Iqbal Padda; Labour, Jackie Taylor; Labour and Judith Willetts; Conservative.

Hateley Heath: Paul Kearns; Conservative and Paul Moore; Labour.

Newton: Keith Allcock; Labour, Steve Latham; For Britain Movement and Robert Willetts; Conservative.

Princes End: Jenny Chidley; Labour, James Marsh; Independent and Steve Simcox; Conservative.

Smethwick: Wasim Ali; Labour, Stephanie Buckman; Green and Colin Clark; Conservative.

St Paul’s (two councillors being elected): Samiya Akhter; Labour, Babu Bawa; Labour, Narinder Garcha; Conservative, Mohammad Hussain; Conservative and Fabienne Ottridge; Green.

Tipton Green: Donald Griffiths; Conservative and Mohammed Hussain; Labour.

Wednesbury North: Scott Chapman; Conservative, Luke Giles; Labour and Mark Redding; Green.

Wednesbury South: Bob Lloyd; Labour and Michael Middleton; Conservative.

West Bromwich Central: Ryan Ottridge; Green, Mohinder Singh Tagger; Labour and Pauline Williams; Conservative.