PREVIOUSLY lost footage of Batman star Adam West teaching road safety to children will be screened for the first time in more than 50 years.

The clip from May 1967 of Batman teaching children the Green Cross Code will be shown to an audience of TV professionals and enthusiasts to kick off a hunt for 100 missing television clips.

Kaleidoscope, which specialises in finding missing television footage, recently discovered the segment, which was never screened outside of the UK.

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BRITNEY Spears has thanked the LGBTQ community for its “unconditional” love as she was honoured by leading gay rights advocates.

The singer, 36, was presented with Glaad’s vanguard award for promoting equality by Ricky Martin, who praised her as an “ally” to the gay community.

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MASTERCHEF will have an all-male finale as contestants Kenny Tutt, Nawamin Pinpathomrat and David Crichton will go head to head to be crowned champion.

The penultimate episode of the series saw Portuguese-born Alex Jorge knocked out at the final hurdle, after the amateur cooks faced a tricky fine dining challenge.

They each had five hours to recreate an iconic dish from Michelin-starred London restaurant Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – some of which have more than 100 steps – while mentored by its chef Ashley Palmer-Watts, who has worked alongside Blumenthal for 18 years.

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ANTHONY Rapp has celebrated others “telling their truth” after he helped ignite the Me Too movement by making a public allegation against Kevin Spacey.

The actor, 46, was joined on stage at an LGBTQ awards show on Thursday by his Star Trek: Discovery co-star Wilson Cruz, who he shared the show’s first gay relationship with.

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Rapp praised the awards host Glaad, a LGBTQ advocacy group, for preparing him to accuse double-Oscar winner Spacey of sexual misconduct.