PARLIAMENT got a taste of Halesowen this week as the Fixed Wheel Brewery’s popular Through & Off Session IPA was chosen as the House of Commons' guest ale

Many parliamentarians enjoyed a pint of the light refreshing citrus pale ale after it was selected to feature in the commons' ‘local’ – Strangers’ Bar – by James Morris.

Scott Povey, director and head brewer, made the journey to London to share a pint with the Halesowen and Rowley Regis MP and his team.

James said: “It has been a pleasure to bring this fine beer from my constituency to Westminster and introduce my colleagues here to a taste of Halesowen and Rowley Regis.

“Scott Povey and his partner Sharon Bryant are a real asset to our constituency, brewing wonderful craft beers, providing jobs for local people and supporting other businesses including the pubs that are at the heart of our local communities.”

Through & Off was made available in the Strangers’ Bar as part of a scheme run by the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group and the Society of Independent Brewers, to which Fixed Wheel Brewery belongs.

Scott said: “We were delighted that Through & Off Session IPA was selected for the Strangers’ Bar and grateful to James Morris and the team at the bar for making it happen.

“We’re very proud of our beers and this was a great opportunity to spread the word about them beyond our usual area of trading.

“We’d love to think that a pint of Through & Off may have inspired some of our politicians to dream up ground-breaking new policies, but we are nonetheless delighted that so many MPs enjoyed drinking it.”

He added: “The support of local people in our community has helped our little business to grow and having our beer served in the houses of parliament has been a real milestone, we hope to continue to grow and brew great beers and provide more jobs for people in our area.”