HALESOWEN Town Football Club have hit out at thieves who broke into their ground late last month and stole items from the press box.

The thieves made off with a mixing desk and microphone – but general manager Neil Broughton admitted: “It was the damage they caused that was the real problem.

“Fortunately we've managed to secure the area, but we will still have to replace the microphone and mixing desk.”

The club were left in limbo as police failed to investigate the incident.

But Mr Broughton confirmed: “Originally the police were going to come the following day, but now we've been given a crime reference number, so we can move on, but it was disappointing that the police didn't come – not even a local bobby to take a statement, just to say they'd sent someone.

“But I realise with cut-backs to the service they have to prioritise.

“Thankfully, it seems to be a fairly isolated incident. The last time we were broken into was about two-and-a-half to three-years-ago when they got into the mower shed.

“But as a result, we never leave money or anything of value on the ground.

“However, we understand that Rushall Olympic was broken into a couple of days later and they had much more damage done to their club – over £1,000 worth.”

In the meantime work is well underway to erect a proper sports fence around the ground which is expected to be completed by the end of the month.