GORNAL Athletic Football Club were visited by rock royalty today when legendary British metal star Steve Harris joined them for a kick around.

Iron Maiden Football Club played a special match against a Gornal 11 on August 7 at the Garden Walk ground, featuring the band's bassist, and ex-professional footballer Colin Hendry.

Maiden FC have played at Gornal three times previously, first taking to the pitch around 12 years ago, and continued their winning streak at the ground by beating Gornal 4-0.

The match was organised by Gornal Athletic manager Lee Wood, who was playing for the Gornal side.

Iron Maiden star Steve Harris said: "The team are a great bunch of lads and they get stuck in on the pitch and it's great fun."

Steve will be gearing up to electrify Birmingham metal heads at his band's sold out concert tonight at the Genting Arena.

"It's good to get out before a gig instead of sitting about it gives you an energy for the gig, and it does something to the body.

"For me playing football before a gig makes me feel a bit stronger."

Steve said that football has "always" gone hand in hand with Maiden: "It's like the gigs really, football is the same sort of thing.

"Everytime you do it it's sacred really because you feel there's going to be a day when you're not going to able to do it anymore.

"So you have to enjoy it, and I do."

Ex-professional Scottish footballer Colin Hendry of Blackburn Rovers fame was also playing for the Maiden side.

Colin said: "It's a delight to be here in Gornal."

"I'm a massive fan of Maiden."

Lee Farrington, Gornal Athletic chairman, added: “It’s very special and it is good to put a little bit back into the club.

“Funding is very small at this level, we have got 40 or 50 people in the bar and they have given us T-shirts to raffle off.”