MORE than 40 dumped gas canisters were found on Halesowen’s streets by youngsters taking part in a community litter pick.

The clear up of Bath Meadow was one of many litter picks which have been arranged during the summer holiday by Halesowen’s Young Labour team.

Former Belle Vale councillor Donella Russell, who helped with the litter pick, said the amount of rubbish being fly-tipped in the area is causing a ‘danger to residents’.

She said: “Over the last few years, litter and fly tipping has gotten worse and with the reduction of the opening hours at the refuse site. Under the current council, things will not improve.

“The government needs to stop the cuts and fully invest in our services.

“The amount of rubbish that has been dumped because of fly tipping is causing a danger to the residents, especially the young children who play outside.”

As well as the gas canisters, glass bottles were also discovered by the litter pickers, which Donella said should not be left in an area where children live.

She added: “The families really appreciate where they live and do a lot to keep it as clean and tidy as they can. The children have learned safety and the importance of keeping their area clean.”