A DISQUALIFIED driver who hit 100mph in a police pursuit in Halesowen has been locked up by a judge for

16 months.

Paul Spalding, aged 48, who had been warned by doctors he should not drive accelerated away after initially slowing down

for police officers in St John's Road.

Spalding who had 16 previous convictions on his criminal record for driving while banned then went through a

traffic light on red in his "borrowed" Audi which bore false registration plates.

He then shot across a junction without making any attempt to slow down before driving at high speed along narrow

streets that had cars parked on both sides.

The officers stayed on his trail as he headed towards Bearwood and when he was in Nimmings Road he lost control

of the Audi and ploughed into a roundabout.

Howard Searle, prosecuting, told Wolverhampton Crown Court it was then discovered that Spalding had repeatedly

been banned from the roads over the years.

Blondelle Thompson, for Spalding, said her client, who had 91 convictions on his criminal record, had been advised

by doctors not to drive because of "health issues."

She went on:"He cannot explain his behaviour and he cannot remember clearly what happened but he accepts he put other

road users in danger".

Spalding, of Frobisher Way, Smethwick, admitted driving dangerously, while disqualified and without insurance. He further pleaded guilty to possessing a small amount of cocaine found in his possession when he was arrested.