OLDBURY residents watching the BBC's lunchtime news were hit with a 'bombshell' today - that a nuclear power plant is being built in their town.

In an item on Hitachi's decision to suspend billion-pound work on UK nuclear projects, the BBC screened a map identifying Oldbury as one of their sites.

That would have been news to everyone in the town - and to us here at The News too.

It was, of course, an error - the BBC's news team had mistaken Oldbury in the West Midlands for Oldbury-on-Severn in Gloucestershire, the real proposed location.

The two places are only an hour and 20 mins apart - but we can confirm 'our' Oldbury is definitely not the planned nucleus of Hitachi's operation.

The error sparked a nuclear fallout among social media users - as the BBC found out, Oldbury folk and geographic pedants alike were quick to get up and atom.

In fairness to the BBC, they quickly acknowledged the mistake once it had been pointed out.

Nonetheless, a few people might well go elsewhere for their news in future - maybe they will tune in to a bit of radio activity instead...