A 31-YEAR-old from Wordsley has achieved fame in the Philippines, all thanks to his popular Youtube videos.

Dan Evans, aged 31, is a hit in the south east Asian nation thanks to the thousands of people who watch his reaction videos.

His videos of himself reacting to performances attract tens of thousands of views and bagged at him an invitation to one of the Philippine's leading music awards.

Dan explained: "About three years ago I started watching reaction videos, and thought I would have a crack at it myself. I had a go and put it out there and hoped someone would view it.

"It turned out I had amassed a big audience in the Phillipines!"

For those unfamiliar with the concept of reaction videos, Dan compares them to the hit Channel 4 show Gogglebox, where people's reactions to what they are watching is captured on camera.

Thanks to his videos, Dan has been able to meet some of the Philippines' biggest music stars.

He said: "I've met so many people and done some crazy things, it's elevated my life."

Not only was Dan invited to attend the ceremony and present awards to the winners, he was also chosen to sit as a judge at the Wish 107.5 awards, the Filipino equivalent of the Brit Awards.

Dan's Youtube success has not only allowed him to mix with celebrities, it has also allowed him to give something back to the country that has changed his life.

He is now recording an album of duets with some of the biggest stars from the Philippines to raise money to help alleviate poverty in the country

Dan said: "The music industry is such a big part of Filipino culture with virtually every household containing a karaoke machine. I knew I wanted to raise money for Project PEARLS and figured the best way to do that is through music, which lies at the very heart of Filipino culture.

"I’m no singer but as it’s for charity, I thought it could be a fun way to raise money, and of course raise awareness, not just in the Philippines, but around the world too and hope that we can help break the poverty cycle."

He added: "I've learned so much about the Phillipines, the people, the culture and experienced life there.

"I've got a good platform to help their communities to give these people a voice so they can be heard."

To check out Dan's videos and to find out the latest on his album, search for EAP Films Official on Youtube.