Onion bhaji flavoured beer? If this tale left a nasty taste in your mouth there is no need to be alarmed - it was an April fool dreamed up by our friends at Sadler's Brewery.

A BLACK Country brewery has launched a new beer with a twist- it's onion bhaji flavoured.

Sadlers Brewery, based in Lye, have took a traditional pale ale recipe and added twist of tumeric and corinader sweets to recreate the bhaji taste.

The idea came out of the brewers chatting about new ideas with unlikely brewing ingredients.

Steve Robinson, Sadler’s Brewer, explained: "Boris Citrov, our Marmalade Pale ale is a very popular product of ours. We add a marmalade to the brew to create its unique taste. We, the brewers, were chatting one day about possible new beers using the boris citrov method of adding ingredients you don’t traditionally brew with, and someone made a joke about adding onion chutney and it grew from there.

"What initially started as a joke, grew into a recipe we were itching to try."

The new 4.6% pale ale, named Onion Bhaji Pale Ale, starts with a soft, sweet, thin mouth feel but gradually grows into sweet but subtle red onion flavours with a gentle but noticeable spice.

Argy Bhaji has been trialled in all of the brewery's venues and its unique flavour has been reported to have caused quite a stir.