POLICE officers are out and about across Halesowen for an 'All Out Day' of action today (Tuesday).

Officers are in the town's bus station with a knife arch and will be listening to people's concerns at the cop shop in the Cornbow Shopping Centre, as part of the joint police and Dudley Council initiative.

Halesowen Police announced the day on twitter this morning, inviting people to contact them with concerns.

They tweeted: "Good Morning everyone on this sunny day.......@HalesowenWMP will be in Halesowen Town today for an 'All Out Day' along with @ST_Police, @DYPartnerships, DMBC Estates, ASB Team, Homeless Team, Youth Services, Street and Green Care.

"Come see us about any concerns. #partnerships."

The day comes after a request from Belle Vale councillor Simon Phipps who raised concerns about crime in the town centre over the last few months, and is designed to help officers engage with the community on issues such as knife-crime, identifying problems with anti-social behaviour and tackling local grot spots.

Cllr Phipps said: "These days have been put to good use in other towns across the region and, in response to concerns raised around crime and anti-social behaviour.

"I wanted to see Halesowen get the same attention.

"Thank you to the police and council for responding so positively to the suggestion and making it happen."

Cllr Phipps fellow Belle Vale councillors Laura Taylor and Jake Cooper also welcomed the initiative.

Cllr Taylor said: "It is clear local residents are concerned about the current levels of crime and it is important that all public bodies work together to address this.

"The 'All Out Day' is a great way of bringing agencies together to identify and tackle a broad array of problems all at the same time."

Cllr Cooper said he is continuing the work to address crime in Halesowen by working with local schools and the police to educate children on the dangers of involvement with knife and drug crime.

He plans to meet teachers soon to discuss how to introduce informative sessions into local schools.