A STOURBRIDGE resident has told of her shock at finding a deer sitting in her garden.

Helen Willder, from the Ham Dingle area of Pedmore, took to social media to tell of the unusual sighting which she said she reported to the RSPCA.

She said: “We were not sure if she was injured or just stunned.”

The animal was seen in the garden off Brockmoor Close for about an hour on Tuesday morning (May 21) and Helen said it returned yesterday evening and “was playing with a fox” before disappearing again.

Another resident in Pedmore said they had seen deer in their garden also, in the Greenfinch Road area, adding: “We believe they follow the stream down from Clent/Wychbury. We have left them to their own devices - not wanting to scare them.”

A spokesman for the RSPCA said it was not uncommon to see deer in urban settings. She added: “Although deer traditionally live in forests, moors and parkland, they are becoming more common in urban environments across the UK. For example they have been seen in gardens, golf courses, roads and railway lines.

“Last week, for instance, a deer was spotted by shoppers running along a busy road in Manchester city centre and also swimming in a nearby canal because they live in nearby parkland.”

She said more information about deer is available on the RSPCA website and added: "We would urge anyone who spots a deer in distress to contact us on 0300 123 4999."

Have you seen the deer or had any unusual animals appear in your garden?