SEVEN cygnets trapped in a dam and separated from their parents were saved by big-hearted volunteers in a Pensnett nature reserve.

The seven baby swans became trapped in the enclosed end of the dam in Grove Pool in Fens Pool Nature Reserve last weekend.

Mark Giles, chair of the Friends of the Fens Pool Group launched the rescue mission after he was alerted to the cygnet's plight by his mother-in-law Sheila.

Mark explained: "She quickly called me for help and me and my son Connor immediately went to the spot and saw that the birds were in major distress.

"We saw that seven cygnets had been separated from their parents and were trapped on the wrong side of the dam on Grove Pool. We had to rescue them otherwise they would almost certainly have perished there. It was difficult though because the swans, as parents, are really protective of their children and they can be really aggressive."

Mark then made a ramp for the cygnets to walk up to reach their parents on the other side of the dam.

He said: "It was a great feeling to finally get them back in the water. I would happily take on anything else than a male swan protecting it's family. You don’t realise their size and power until you are two feet from them and they tower above you."

Mark said he contacted the RSPB, RSPCA and Swan Rescue but they were unable to respond.

Councillor Judy Foster, who represents Brockmoor and Pensnett and is a member of the Friends, said: "'We often hear how hard it is for residents to get wildlife organisations and charities to respond and I suppose they have limited resources to mobilise. So it is just as well we have an engaged and vigilant Friends group in the area.

"I am grateful to Mark and the other members living close to reserve for all the hours they put in to keep wildlife and people safe and would encourage others who also care about their area and it's unique wildlife to join us'."