A DOG walker has expressed her disgust after finding pollution in a Dudley canal that had turned the water bright blue.

It is not known where the substance, believed to be cooking oil, has come from.

Amanda Wallinskey was walking her dog Kato along the canal near to the basin and legging tunnel at Dudley Lock 1, when she saw the water had been turned blue by a substance.

She said: "I usually go down twice a day, I couldn’t believe it.

"I was absolutely horrified, it's bad enough having rubbish there. This is corporate irresponsibility."

"I went to the lock house by the pump station to report it and they said they have noticed it a few times, but couldn’t identify where it was coming from."

Amanda said her first reaction was concern for the wildlife that live on and near the canal, including a flock of Canadian geese.

A spokeswoman from the Canal and River Trust confirmed that checks have been carried out and has found that cooking oil has been spilled into the canal.

She said: "The good news is it does appear to dispersing naturally but we are working with the Environment Agency to keep an eye on the situation and will take action if necessary."