COUNCILLORS and residents in Woodsetton are celebrating after two planning applications for a controversial car wash have been withdrawn.

Residents were up in arms after applications were submitted for a hand car wash to be put in place on the forecourt of the Shell petrol station in Sedgley Road, due to their concerns about the noise, extra hours of operation and traffic the enterprise could cause.

Residents joined forces with their councillors to object against the plans and are now pleased to see the applications have been pulled.

Councillor Adam Aston said: "When residents contacted myself and Keiran we met with them to discuss these issues and see what could be done to help.

"Working with our local MP Ian Austin, we submitted our objections to the Head of Planning and asked that these all be carefully taken into consideration when looking at the applications that had been submitted.

"We were really worried about the fact that signs for a hand car wash had been erected without permission which were unsightly for the local area and which were also erected before any permissions had even been considered for the hand car wash."

Councillor Keiran Casey added: "Myself and Adam along with local residents were particularly worried about the impact this car wash would have on residents living around the site, with things such as noise from machinery being used, hours of operation and the extra traffic that this would cause.

"We were all extremely glad when we were told that both these applications had been withdrawn and within a matter of days the signs were taken down.

"This just goes to show what can be achieved when we all work together for the good of the community and both of us will continue to fight on behalf of local residents and continue to secure the improvements we all want to see to make our local area an even better place to live."