FRIENDS of a Pensnett beauty spot are turning their attention to a former Pensnett park in a bid to improve the area for the whole community.

The Friends of the Fens Pool Group have set themselves the task of clearing up the Coppice, close to St Mark's Church in Pensnett, and are inviting the community to join their litter pick on Saturday July 13.

The Coppice, which in its glory days used to be a park, is overgrown and needs cleaning up along with nearby Barrow Hill, according to the group.

Mark Giles, Chair of the Group, explained: "The last 12 months have seen us focus our activities on the main nature reserve where we had most of the problems, including motorbikes, graffiti, illegal fishing and general anti-social behaviour.

"However, we are aware that our success is at risk of displacing some of these problems to other areas like Barrow Hill and the Coppice, so with the help of local councillors and the council we are responding to requests from local people and focussing more effort there."

The group is now appealing for the community to join in with the clean-up campaign so that Barrow Hill and the Coppice can benefit from the group's efforts like nearby Fens Pool.

The Friends formed in 2018 and since then have successfully lobbied for a Public Space Protection Order to be put in place to protect the reserve from off-road bikers.

Councillor Judy Foster said: "The Coppice was once the site of a park years ago and following requests from local people I have discussed with them and members of the Friends Group the opportunities that exist to improve the site for everyone. The Friends Group have some great ideas of their own too and I am grateful for their continuing energy and interest in the area.’’

Cllr Foster has already started work to begin clearance of the site to make it more accessible for the community.

The spot is particularly important for the group, as it is there that they carried out their debut litter pick.