A STEM CELL donor drive will take place this weekend to find a match for a little girl from Gornal who is battling leukaemia.

Phoebe Ashfield, aged one, was diagnosed with the illness aged just seven months old.

She underwent treatment at Birmingham Children's Hospital but relapsed four months ago and is now desperately in need of a stem cell transplant.

Her mum, Emma Wyke, explained that both she and Phoebe's dad Jordan, are only a 50% match. They are now doing all they can to find someone who could be a suitable donaor for Phoebe so the transplant can go ahead.

Ideally, they will be able to find someone who is a 100% match with the youngster.

Emma said: "It takes ten minutes to swabbed and get put on the register.

"Even if we can't find a donor for Phoebe, we could save another child's life."

The donor drives take place on Saturday July 13 at the Tesco Extra in Burnt Tree in Dudley and at Tipton Sport Academy in Wednesbury Oak Road in Tipton.

Both start at 9am and will go on through the day, with volunteers taking part who have been inspired by Phoebe's plight.

Donor organisation DKMS will also be on hand to register the donors.

Anyone aged between 18 and 61 years-old can take part.

Describing Pheobe, Emma said: "She is always smiling, she's got her own lovely character. She's a normal one-year-old."

Saturday's events were organised by Amy Smith, a friend of Emma, who was inspired to help Pheobe get better.

Encouraging as many people to come along on Saturday, Amy said: "It's about getting as many people to come down and get swabbed.

"Imagine the feeling of desperation you would have if this was your baby? Take twenty minutes out of your day and help us find this match to save this girls life."

No registration is needed to attend Saturday's events.