A FORMER nightclub DJ is appealing for people who have memories of Tiffany's in Halesowen to get in touch.

Brian Davies is compiling a feature on the popular nightclub, which ran from 1971 to 1981 and boasted fake palm trees - but was one of the few Mecca clubs which didn't have a revolving stage - for his Facebook site Brian's Blog.

He wants staff and clubgoers to get in touch with flyers, tickets, photos, adverts and to share their memories.

His popular blog has 1,700 followers - with members from all over the world.

Brian, who used to run entertainment firm Upfront, but is now retired and lives in Kinver, said: "I am putting together The History of Tiffany’s Nightclub, Long Lane, Halesowen (1971 to 1981).

"I know quite a lot about the venue, visiting it many times in the early 70s, plus being a Nightclub DJ for 28 years from 1976 to 2004.

"I will be featuring owners, staff, DJs and bands that played there.

"If anyone has memories of this legendary venue I would be grateful if they would get in touch."

Brian said the Tiffany's venue was a roller skating rink in the 1960s before it was taken over by Mecca and in 1971 became Tiffany's. He said he thought it used to boast a revolving stage and fake palm trees.

But since he has been contacted by people who worked there it has emerged it didn't have a revolving stage.

The 65-year-old said: "I would have put money on it having a revolving stage, but I have been contacted by a lady who worked there from day one till it closed, and she says it was one of the few Mecca clubs that didn't have a revolving stage!

"It was quite unique for its time.

"I went in the early 70s myself on Tuesday and Sunday nights.

"It was always busy - people used to go from all over the place.

"Everyone dressed up to go out and there was a lot of respect.

"It was great."

The original house band was called Windsor Park and the DJ was Lionel Curran. Sadly Tiffany's closed in 1981.

Brian said he has worked in entertainment all his adult life and worked at The Kidderminster Shuttle from 1980 to 1988 selling adverts on its entertainment pages, before setting up entertainment firm Upfront, which he ran for 25 years.

Anyone with information can contact Brian by e mailing him at davies1949@icloud.com or by searching Brians Blog on Facebook.