A MUM-to-be has launched a petition to control speeding on a Netherton road in a bid to make the route safer for children and animals.

Julia Smith has created the petition calling on Dudley Council to implement speed calming measures on Heath Road, after witnessing cars speeding down the road at ‘ridiculous speeds’, which she says is putting lives at risk.

The Netherton resident, who launched the petition online last week, said: “I personally decided to start the petition because I am six months pregnant with my first child. I bought this house to be our forever home, and as it is, the area will not be safe for my child or anyone else's.”

Julia said she has been horrified by the speeds that some cars travel down the road and has witnessed several accidents and near misses, with pet cats being hit and killed by speeding drivers.

In June a car ended up on top of a parked car on a drive way.

She explained: “I didn’t know of the area until I moved there, but right away I noticed the noise, from speeding cars, normally ones that have turbo or some kind of enhancement to the exhaust which makes them ridiculously loud, zooming up and down Heath Road when it gets to evening.

“Quad bikes and motorbikes also make their way round the estate on a regular at ridiculous speeds.”

Due to the road’s proximity to Saltwells Nature Reserve, Julia said the speeds also pose a threat to nearby wildlife.

She added: “I've seen countless dead animals, hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, and as it's close to the Saltwells Nature Reserve it’s having an impact on the wildlife.

“It's only a matter of time before someone’s child is hit and killed, it won't just be a cat or a hedgehog next time.”

The petition has so far garnered nearly 300 signatures, with supporters sharing their concerns about the speeding problem

One signatory wrote: “I live on Heath Road and my wife who has mobility issues is scared to leave the house alone because of speeding cars.”

Another supporter commented: “My friend’s cat got run over on this road, but it could quite easily be someone’s child next time. Let’s act before it is too late.”

Julia will hand over the petition to Dudley Council if it reaches 500 signatures, where she hopes speed bumps or cameras can be implemented.