IAN Austin MP has called for MPs to sort out the 'Brexit mess', after voting in support of the government in last night's crucial vote.

The Dudley North MP voted with the government against legislation put forward by the Opposition and rebel Tory MPs to take control of parliamentary business in a bid to block a no-deal Brexit.

Explaining his choice to back Boris Johnson's government, the former Labour MP said delaying Brexit any further would lead to more business uncertainty.

Mr Austin said: "I think MPs should be working hard to sort out the Brexit mess instead of having another lengthy delay that will cause even more uncertainty for businesses. I know people are sick of seeing national politicians argue about party politics instead of sorting this out.

"MPs have failed to find a compromise and that has ended up making no deal more likely, but the best way to avoid leaving with no deal is to agree a deal which is what I have been voting for.

"Like the vast majority of MPs, the manifesto I stood on in 2017 promised to uphold the result of the referendum. I repeated that promise to people in Dudley, I respect the people I represent and I keep my promises.

"Even at this late stage I hope the EU and the government come to an agreement."

The vote was won by 328 votes to 301, with 21 Conservatives defying their party and voting for the motion, including Stourbridge MP Margot James.

MPs now have the chance to introduce a law postponing the UK's exit from the EU until January 31, if by October 19 MPs have not approved a new deal or a no-deal departure.