JAMES Morris MP has spoken out against Remainer MPs who he says are attempting to stage "another pointless delay to Brexit."

The Halesowen and Rowley Regis MP stayed loyal to PM Boris Johnson in yesterday's vote which was designed to stave off a a no-deal Brexit.

Nearly two dozen Tory MPs - including Stourbridge MP Margot James - voted with the opposition to allow a debate on a Bill that would block a no-deal Brexit.

James Morris MP said: "Unfortunately some MPs, along with Jeremy Corbyn, are attempting to vote through another pointless delay to Brexit.

"I will not accept any attempt to further delay Brexit."

Margot James MP is to lose the Tory whip after voting against the Government in last night's vote.

The Conservative MP was among rebels who voted with opposition MPs to seek to push forward a bill to delay the UK's Brexit date.

Speaking after the vote, which saw Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Government defeated by 328 to 301 votes, she told the News: "I voted against the Government in the vote for Oliver Letwin's motion which I think gives added protection to prevent leaving without a deal - but it's got to pass a lot of hurdles."

She stressed: "I'm not giving up on the Prime Minister getting a deal."

But she and the other rebels will be stripped of the Tory whip for taking a stand against the Government.