A BRIERLEY Hill family are pleading to Dudley Council to be allowed to stay in the house their family has lived in for 82 years.

Brothers Tony Cooper, aged 47, and Richard Fairley, aged 43, are desperate to stay in the house on Grove Crescent, after housing chiefs said they must move into a smaller property following their mother's death.

The family’s precarious housing situation began when their mother, Doreen Cooper, passed away earlier this year and the succession of the tenancy on the house was thrown into doubt.

The tenancy of the council house had passed from their father, Tony Fairley, to their mother following his death. However, the tenancy on council homes can only be passed on once, which left the family unsure of whether they could stay in their much-loved home.

After an assessment from council housing officers, the family were told that their home was too big for them and they would have to apply to smaller properties.

The house is also home to their 23-year-old niece Zoe Denston and nephew Connor Wells, aged 19.

Tony explained: “The house means the world to us, all of memories are here since birth. All of the family have grown up in it. My dad and brother passed away here.

“It’s the only home I’ve known.”

The five bedroom house was extended thirty years ago to help their late brother, Paul Fairley, who died aged 26-years-old.

The family say the extra space is needed as Richard’s three daughters stay at the weekends, one of whom is severely autistic and uses a wheelchair.

Tony said he feels the council are judging the house based on two people, rather than the people who now live or stay there.

He added: “They have been pushing us to fill in the paper work.

“They seem to want us out and are rushing us out.”

Now, the family face an anxious wait to see if they will be forced to move out of their home.

Councillor Laura Taylor, cabinet member for housing, communities and residents’ welfare, said: “We understand this has been a difficult time for the family, however we have to ensure we make best use of all our properties across the borough.

"This is a large five bedroom house and we have many families on our waiting list who would benefit from such a property.

“We have provided options for alternative suitable properties and will continue to offer advice to them. If the customer feels that there is further evidence in support of their request which has not already been considered they should provide that as soon as possible.”