PENSIONERS now have easy access to a picturesque Halesowen park thanks to new £2.7k steps.

Residents of Margaret Vine Court asked for the steps so they could get into Hurst Green Park which they could see from their windows but couldn't easily get to.

Now thanks to a £2.7k grant from Halesowen North and Halesowen South Community Forum for materials and the time of volunteers from Halesowen Abbey Trust the sheltered housing occupants have new steps which mean they can get straight from their building in Moat Drive into the park.

Cllr Hilary Bills, secretary of the Friends of Hurst Green Park, said: "Last year at the friend's group's AGM residents of Margaret Vine Court asked if steps could be installed near to their building because although they had lovely views of the park from their window, they were finding it difficult to get on to the park itself.

"They either had to walk the length of Moat Drive and gain access through the car park or risk walking down a steep bank.

"Many thanks to Halesowen Abbey Trust volunteers and our own head gardener, Bob Aston, for all their hard work in making this request a reality."

The Friends contacted Halesowen Abbey Trust member Roy Burgess, because he helped restore the public right of way through Pottery Farm at the top of Mucklow Hill with a flight of steps.

Advice on the design of the steps was sought from Tina Boothroyd, Chair of Access in Dudley.

Dudley Council's chief executive Kevin O’Keefe said: “It's great to see voluntary community groups working together for the benefit of all park users and particularly for the residents of Margaret Vine Court.

"Many thanks to all concerned.”

The friend's next AGM will be held on Tuesday October 22, at 6.30 pm in the lounge at Margaret Vine Court.

All volunteers and park users are welcome.