AN Oldbury driver who sent a woman pedestrian flying into the air when he ploughed into her at speed before leaving her lying badly injured in the street has been locked up for 21 months.

Tracy Morgan suffered catastrophic life changing injuries including a bleed on the brain, a fractured shoulder and severe leg injuries after being hit as she was crossing Long Lane in Halesowen with her partner Steven Hill.

She sat in a wheelchair as Wolverhampton Crown Court heard driver Liam Tabannor had been driving at 47mph in a built-up area and no less than 39ph when he struck Ms Morgan.

Tabannor, of Parkfield Road, admitted causing serious injury by driving dangerously and he was further disqualified from driving for two years on his release from custody.

Aimee Parkes, prosecuting, said the couple had reached the middle of the road when Mr Hill spotted the headlights of a vehicle travelling towards them at speed.

He said he was just able to jump out of the way as he was skimmed by the car while Tracy was just behind him to his left.

The next thing he knew she was lying in a heap in the road having been thrown some distance by the force of the impact.

Tabannor, aged 27, pulled up and walked towards the injured woman before driving away from the scene but a witness took down the registration number of his car.

He later maintained he had been at home at the time of the collision but analysis of his mobile telephone showed he was in the area at the appropriate time.

David Munro, for Tabannor, told the court his client had no previous convictions, was full of remorse for his actions and said he had panicked.