THE Stourbridge music scene is set for a new sound with an acoustic interpretation of songs by Ned's Atomic Dustbin.

The band's indie sound, featuring tandem basses and heavily distorted electric guitars, took them into the top 20 of the album and singles charts in the early 90s.

Ned's men Jonn and Rat have now reworked a number of their tracks and perform them as a duo under the name Ned's Acoustic Dustbin.

Rat said: “I soon realised that acoustics don’t go to 11 but at least it spared the neighbours the initial butchery of the tunes.

"Of course, it did give me justification for buying a new guitar and, while selecting said acoustic, I discovered that playing Stairway To Heaven is still frowned upon in guitar stores.”

Jonn added: “I just do what I’ve always done and bawl it out the same as I do with the full band behind me.

"It’s terrifying but I’m loving the intimacy of playing this way - almost nose to nose with the fans."

Fellow Stourbridge rockers The Wonder Stuff use acoustic instruments extensively in their music and frontman Miles Hunt has been instrumental in the new Ned's project.

Hunt suggested an acoustic performance by Ned's on social media to launch the 2018 Love From Stourbridge tour featuring both bands and has now produced a 14-track Ned's Acoustic Dustbin album.

The album, which features some of the Ned's best-known songs, including Grey Cell Green, Happy and Stuck, will be released on Friday December 13.