A NETHERTON man and his nephew brutally killed a man in a "wholly unjustified" attack at a house in Oldbury, a jury has been told.

The killers were Derek Brennan and Damon Sehra who had earlier carried out a savage attack on a teenager, alleged Mr Andrew Smith QC prosecuting.

He said the pair set upon 32-year-old Amjad Khan at the home of Sehra's mother in Yardley Close, Bristnall Fields and rained punches on their victim.

They then repeatedly stamped on his head and kicked him about the face and body as he desperately tried to protect himself, said Mr Smith.

There was a pause in the vicious attack before 32-year-old Brennan and Sehra, 22, again punched and kicked Mr Khan who suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

It was a joint, sustained and violent attack on Mr Khan who had called at the home of his friend Lisa Sehra and the two men were responsible for his murder, added Mr Smith.

He alleged that a short time before the killing the pair had both kicked and punched the 15-year-old after drinking heavily at a flat in Clarence Court, Oldbury.

Mr Smith told the seven man - five woman jury they also stamped on the head of the teenager and he was hit with objects including a candle holder by the two men before they ran away from the scene.

The teenager was taken to hospital for treatment, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told, with Brennan and Sehra going to Yardley Close.

They were allowed into the property by Sehra's mother and after the arrival of 32-year-old Mr Khan, added Mr Smith, Sehra made the comment "You rushed me" before punching him in the face.

The two men then launched a brutal attack on Mr Khan and he was punched, kicked and stamped on with Sehra also hitting him on the head with a yellow plastic toy as his mother was screaming.

Brennan and Sehra then climbed out of the the lounge window as his mother called the emergency services and the two men were seen running away by neighbours.

In her telephone call the mother told the operator, "Someone is going to die. Please help me" adding that her son and brother had beaten a man up.

"I think he is dead. Get somebody," she went on. "They trod on his head. They kicked him and they jumped on him. Please help."

Mr Smith said Mr Khan was rushed to hospital with significant head injuries and a scan revealed facial fractures and swelling to his brain.

He underwent surgery but he died a short time later .

"The prosecution say the cardiac arrest that caused his death with a direct result of the attack," said Mr Smith.

Brennan of Halesowen Road, Netherton and Sehra, of no fixed address have both pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Khan.

They have further denied attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to the teenager and their trial - expected to last for two weeks - is continuing.