KIND-hearted staff at Dudley Zoo will host a fundraising day to raise money to help wildlife blighted by the devastating wildfires in Australia.

Events will take place at the zoo on Sunday, January 26, which coincides with Australia Day, to raise much-needed funds to help stricken wildlife.

Australian-themed games and activities will take place in the Discovery Centre and half of the the day's takings at the entrance will be donated to Zoos Victoria’s Bushfire Emergency Wildlife fund.

It is estimated that around 500 million animals have been killed in the wildfires, with many species facing the possibility of extinction due to the destruction wrought by the disaster.

Chris Leeson, Conservation Officer at the zoo, said: “We’ve all been moved by the distressing images coming out of Australia and our thoughts are with everyone affected.

“As a wildlife conservation organisation we are also incredibly troubled by the millions of animals suffering because of these bushfires, including critically endangered species.

“It’s estimated around 500 million animals have perished so far and the bushfires are threatening to wipe out entire species and habitats, which is a frightening thought and staff at DZC were keen to do something to help.

“We have a variety of Australian species here at DZC including wallabies, lorikeets, kookaburras and bearded lizards so we’d encourage visitors to come and join us on the day and learn more, while helping us raise money for this worthwhile cause.”

The Bushfire Emergency Wildlife fund goes towards providing long-term care to animals affected by the fires, such as providing food and habitat restoration.