A 43-YEAR-old Oldbury heroin addict involved in a high speed six mile pursuit after police officers spotted him taking part in a suspected drug deal has been locked up for 15 months.

"There was no excuse for this behaviour," Recorder Michelle Heeley QC told Harprit Shekhon as she further disqualified him from driving for two years seven months on his release from custody.

Shekhon drove off at speed when he saw the police car and during the chase he hit speeds of 65mph in a built up area and shot through a number of traffic lights on red.

He had to brake heavily at a junction to avoid a pedestrian crossing the road before a learner driver had to quickly take action to avoid a collision, said Mr Nicholas Burn prosecuting.

Shekhon finally abandoned his vehicle after driving into a cul-de-sac and made off on foot but he was arrested after being tasered, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

Miss Lynette McClement defending said Shekhon of Pound Close, Oldbury was behind the wheel of someone else's car and a passenger had urged him to drive off to try and evade the chasing police officers.

She said the officers saw what they thought was an "exchange of drugs" and that lead to them putting on their siren and flashing blue lights and giving chase.

Shekhon admitted driving dangerously, without insurance or a licence and failing to carry out a drugs test and the Recorder told him there was no alternative but to impose immediate custody.