A OLDBURY man who crashed a stolen car into another vehicle leaving the driver nursing two broken arms has been locked up for 28 months.

Thomas Rose, aged 22, sped away with his lights off when he was spotted by patrolling police officers and they quickly gave chase, said Edward Soulsby prosecuting.

He told Wolverhampton Crown Court that Rose was pursued through the Oldbury area and in his bid to shake off the officers he went the wrong way along a dual carriageway.

Mr Soulsby said Rose also went the wrong way around a traffic island on three separate occasions before driving at speed over a humpback bridge.

He hit speeds of around 60mph in what was a 30mph zone and then ploughed into the oncoming car leaving the 60-year-old woman driver with fractures to both arms and internal injuries

Rose, of Dudley Road East, admitted causing injury by dangerous driving and handling the stolen vehicle and Judge Dean Kershaw told him a prison term was the only appropriate sentence.

The judge told Rose: "This was a flagrant disregard of the rules of the road. You knew you had been seen and you took the deliberate decision to drive that way knowing the risk to other road users."

Rose was further disqualified from driving for 5 years by the judge - The ban to begin on his release from custody.