A BUDDING entrepreneur has launched a travelling 'kindness cafe' to help people in the Black Country take care of their mental health.

Joshua Bradwell from Kingswinford came up with the idea after struggling with crowded, noisy environments inspired him to create a peaceful pop up café that would cater for people who wanted a more relaxed, slow paced and mental health friendly environment.

The cafe, which will pop up in various locations around the Black Country, is believed to be first in the area, and also aims to tackle lonelinesses.

Joshua said: "We’re creating a whole new type of café that is going to cater especially for people who are struggling with their mental health, but of course everyone in the local community is more than welcome.

"We’re focused on creating a warm and peaceful atmosphere with low lighting, relaxing sounds and natural décor to encourage relaxation. If people want to make connections that’s fantastic.

"They are sure to find like minded people here. If they want a quiet half an hour to eat cake a read a book that’s also totally fine. The experience will be what you make it."

The 27-year-old won £3,000 from the Princes Trust, Dudley Council Healthy Communities and the DWP New Enterprise Allowance to help fund his vision.

Josh added: “This dream of mine wouldn’t be happening today without the support of many local businesses who came forward and offered to give me their time and services.

"The Crafty Kids Café, Advanced Accountancy Midlands, Daisy Chain and Morrisons supermarket have all stepped up and I couldn’t be more grateful. This really is a community endeavour and all my hard work will soon be worth it.”

Marina Parry, from Advanced Accountancy which backs the project, said: “When I first heard about Josh and his idea I knew straight away I wanted to be involved in any way I could. With all the focus on mental health at the moment it’s high time we had more facilities available to people who are struggling.

"The second I met Josh I knew he had the vision and passion to see this project through and I gave him my complete backing. I’m so glad we’ve had a part to play in improving the lives for others in our treasured community.”

To find out where the next pop up cafe will be taking place, search for ‘The Inner Peace People CLG’ on Facebook.