KINDHEARTED volunteers who have made hundreds of face masks throughout lockdown have raised £1k to provide children with free meals over the summer holidays.

Volunteers based at Cradley Community Centre have been making masks which have been sold for £1.50 from the centre's car park and Windmill supermarket.

The centre is using the money raised to work with St Peter’s Church and Providence Methodist Church to provide weekly food bags to local children and families throughout the summer.

They will be given away at the centre in Colley Lane tomorrow (Tuesday July 21) from noon till 2pm and then every Tuesday at the same time. 

Any child in the Cradley area and their family can come along and they will receive a free grab bag lunch and, if they need it, a bag of food for the family.

Anyone wanting to go along is asked to go to the Cradley Community and Welfare Association Facebook site to register.

Cradley councillor Tim Crumpton said: “In these really difficult times it is quite humbling to see so many volunteers coming together to help their own community.

"I want to thank them on behalf of all of the people of Cradley.

"The initial idea behind the masks was spontaneous – no-one knew at the time how many would be made or sold – around a thousand pounds has now been made.

"With the recent announcements it looks like demand will soar for them."

The cash has also been used to give £100 to Cradley Church of England, Colley Lane Primary and Caslon Primary schools, to purchase something as a lasting memory for all year six pupils.

Donations are being sought to help the food scheme. Details are on the Facebook site or call Tim on 0785 324 3692 or email

Masks, which are made from material donated by Cradley residents, can be bought for a suggested donation of £1.50 or they can be posted for £2 each.