A TEENAGER who viciously beat a man in Oldbury as he walked home from a night out has been jailed for seven years.

Robin Foster repeatedly punched and kicked the man and stamped on his head as he sought refuge in a petrol station forecourt last August.

West Midlands Police said Foster shouted “yo mate” to his victim and asked for a cigarette as he spotted him in Park Street and seconds later and without warning, floored the stranger with a punch to the side of his head.

The victim was chased almost a mile to the Shell garage in Churchbridge where he pleaded for a cashier to call the police before Foster, then aged 18, continued his savage attack.

The 34-year-old victim lost two teeth and suffered nasty cuts to his forehead. He was treated at the scene by paramedics while Foster ran away.

West Midlands Police seized CCTV footage from the garage and released images in the hope someone would recognise the offender which led to Foster's arrest on October 4 from his home in Roway Lane, Oldbury.

The 19-year-old was charged with wounding and was jailed for seven years and four months at Wolverhampton Crown Court on July 22 having admitted the offence.

Investigating officer, PC Andy Mimnagh, said: “This was a brutal, shocking attack and from what we understand totally unprovoked. The victim had missed his bus so started walking home when Foster called out to him…seconds later he was under attack.

“The victim can be seen on the video curling up in a foetal position as he tried to defend himself. One customer at the petrol station thought they were play fighting before seeing blood pouring from the man’s nose and mouth.

“I wish the victim well for the future and hopefully, when Foster is eventually released, he will take advantage of help offered to him and create a brighter future.”

Chief Inspector Gill Davenport from the Dudley & Sandwell Crimes Team, added: “Foster had no previous offences recorded against him; that should act as a clear warning to anyone who thinks random acts of violence are not taken seriously by the police or and courts.

“This sentence demonstrates our joint commitment to reducing public place violence.

“Tackling violent crime is a priority for us…everyone in Sandwell and Dudley deserves safe streets. We’ve increased patrols and are working with the Violence Reduction Unit to tackle the issue.”