AN application has been lodged to build a 18m 5G mast on Hagley Road, the second on the road in a matter of weeks.

Nine residents have so far lodged objections against the bid from Hutchison 3G UK Ltd (Three) for a mast at Oak Court on Hagley Road.

If given the green light, the planned mast and cabinets would be situated in front of a row of trees, behind which sits a row of houses on Oak Court.

It comes as scores of residents in Hayley Green have lodged objections based on safety concerns after a plan was submitted to build a mast on the busy on the busy A456.

Residents on Oak Court state in their objections that the mast will "tower" over their homes and are concerned about the impact it could have on the nearby trees.

One resident wrote in their objection: "This should not be in a residential area it will tower over the properties, it will be 6m above the tallest of our trees and will dominate the landscape."

Another concern resident said: "An 18m mast will be completely out of character in a residential location and will cause a significant detriment to the local appearance. In addition to local visual amenity loss, the properties will not be merely devalued, they will be blighted."

There are also concerns how residents will access their homes from the pavement if the cabinets block their way and residents have also objected to the proposal for the potential visual impact on their property.

The Environmental Safety and Health Team and the Highways Team raised no objections to the plan, planning documents state.

The plan is open to comments under the reference P20/1007/PN16A.