A HALESOWEN pet rescue is full to the brim after taking in 21 cats from an elderly hoarder.

Pepper's Pet Rescue was called to the hoarder's property by concerned neighbours after he had become overwhelmed with a growing number of cats.

Sophie Pepper, who runs Pepper's from her home on the Lodgefield Estate in Halesowen, came to the rescue and took in all 21 moggies, who are now seeking forever homes.

The rescued cats, which had to be trapped, were under fed and had severe flea infestations (as seen on rescued kitten below), which have now been treated.

Halesowen News:

Mum-of-two Sophie said: "I was asked to help nine stray cats by a family that were feeding them.

"Nine turned into 22 (there's one cat I still haven’t got).

"The man who cares for them is elderly and basically feeds them and lets them in his house in Ladywood, but has never got any vet work done.

"They were all riddled with fleas and are not well socialised, so are very scared."

The moggies are called Norma, Gabby, Dime, Fluffy 2, Pearl, Rascal and her five kittens, Crunchie, Wispa, Misty, Chomp, Flake, Gary, Fluffy, Ringo, Tigger and Bruiser.

Chris Ashford, who called Pepper's in to help, noticed there was an issue with the cats when his daughters Sophie, aged 11 and Hannah, nine saw a large number of cats in their grandparents garden, which is near the elderly gentleman's home.

They helped the cats by feeding them, but knew a permanent solution needed to be found.

Chris said: "They were concerned about the amount of cats starting to appear which were very thin and scratching themselves - they knew something was wrong.

"Sophie was amazing - she knew which cats to prioritise - the kittens were really badly infected with fleas and Sophie wasn't sure they would survive.

"What she does is fantastic - she didn't hesitate to come out - nothing phases her.

"To do all that from her home while looking after a young family as well - she has a fantastic set-up and has rescued and re-homed so many animals - she's just amazing."

Chris, aged 43, said his daughters fell in love with two of the cats, Fluffy and Gary, which they will keep alongside their two existing cats.

Chris, who runs Party Time Discos, is now planning a party night to raise funds for the rescue as soon as Covid-19 restrictions are eased, for which he will donate his services for free.

He is hoping to find a venue for free and businesses which could offer other services, such as a free buffet.

Anyone who can help the rescue can donate by e mailing pepperspetrescue@hotmail.com and requesting its bank details or via Paypal to pepperspetrescue@hotmail.com.